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Mobile Marketing Messages must adhere to guidelines for advertising in accordance with the Mobile Messaging Services Code.  A full copy of the code can be found  on the Telecommunications Carriers Forum website.

Use the DATASHED SMS Gateway to confidently communicate with your Customers via Text Messaging.  Easily send Appointment Reminders, Sale and Promotion Messages and Customer Loyalty Services.  Keep track of your promotions with our user friendly software.

The two most popular types of engaging SMS Gateway technology are:

Mobile Originate: Activated by an end-user

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Examples of Mobile Originate:
  • Sale and Promotion
    Surf shop runs a promotion that says ‘Txt Surf to 1234’ and to receive a 20% discount on your next purchase
  • Customer Information 
    Ski field provides one off snow conditions to customers upon request or a subscribed daily service that automatically sends the information daily until the recipient ‘Opts Out’
  • Charity Campaigns
    Text a ‘keyword’ to a short code to automatically donate a set amount

Mobile Terminate: Activated by you to send a message to one or more recipients

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Examples of Mobile Terminate:
  • Sale and Promotion
    Inform your Clients of sale dates
    Promote one-off specials and new product releases
  • Client Reminders
    Mechanic informs  Client their car is ready to be collected
    Dental Clinic sends a text to remind  patient  the date and time of their appointment

  • Customer Loyalty
    Bike Shop sends a text to customers with a promotion in store  for the month of June to receive 15% off  their next purchase
    Beauty Therapist sends a text showing a $20 voucher for a Client’s birthday
DATASHED Technologies is a Christchurch based company delivering an SMS Gateway that enables you to stay in contact with customers or staff and even monitor electronic devices via the cellular network.
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