SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

The DATASHED SMS Gateway provides a seamless link between your application and mobile phones on the Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees networks.  The SMS Gateway provides a single access point through which messages are sent and received, thus meeting audit requirements and message traceability.

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Text messages are can be sent by using GroupSend, a user friendly PC application provided by DATASHED to our subscribed customers or an Integrated Solution which works with your existing database or CRM package and can be customised to meet your requirements for the application.

DATASHED is increasingly being used in M2M (machine to machine) environments with a typical application being a device such as a sensor capturing an event and relaying it back through a network to a software application that translates the data and presents it in a logical format.

The DATASHED SMS Gateway tracks every message it receives by attaching a unique ID enabling the reconstruction of data traffic to provide audit trails of messages sent, delivered and acknowledged.  This feature is imperative in instances where data is required for monitoring and compliance reasons, such as alarm monitoring and applications pertaining to public safety.
DATASHED Technologies is a Christchurch based company delivering an SMS Gateway that enables you to stay in contact with customers or staff and even monitor electronic devices via the cellular network.
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