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Mobile Marketing Messages must adhere to guidelines for advertising in accordance with the Mobile Messaging Services Code.  A full copy of the code and further information can be found  on the Telecommunications Carriers Forum website.

The revised Mobile Messaging Code was endorsed by the TCF Board in September 2014.  The Mobile Messaging Services Code (Code) sets out the rights and obligations for the advertising, promotion and operation of all premium and non-premium mobile messaging services. It covers topics to protect all parties such as:
  • General Requirements
  • Compliance
  • Appropriately Targeting Advertising
  • Price, Terms & Conditions
  • Termination of Services - Opt-Out 
Click here to read the full document. Datashed PDF Link
DATASHED Technologies is a Christchurch based company delivering an SMS Gateway that enables you to stay in contact with customers or staff and even monitor electronic devices via the cellular network.
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