Integrated Solutions


The SMS Gateway can be deployed across a diverse range of applications. We have the in-house expertise to assist you in customising your database or web application to enable it to interact with your staff, clients or the public.

We can assign shortcodes for your campaigns for a single or all networks.

Some of our current application domains include:
  • Utilities sector
  • Local and Regional government
  • DHB's Health Sector
  • Remote device monitoring
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • Radio Stations 
  • Customer Loyalty programmes
  • Leisure
  • Integrate with existing database which enables you to personalise the text message. Ability to send a message triggered by certain dates such as billing dates, birthdays, WOF reminder dates.
    Customise messages to specific client groups / categories within the database.
DATASHED Technologies is a Christchurch based company delivering an SMS Gateway that enables you to stay in contact with customers or staff and even monitor electronic devices via the cellular network.
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